training & support


Our team facilitates around-the-clock support to all clients utilizing myTRS software. We equip every client with the necessary tools to manage admin accounts, site-build, integrate features, and successfully navigate the phases of event planning with the help of our software.


Onboarding is provided to all clients using myTRS software. It includes a mixture of conversation and training to guide and inform, but also determine each client's unique needs, to ensure success.

Training address:

  • Admin dashboard navigation, menu

  • Site building: how-to, features, settings, integration options, payment, etc.

  • User accounts and Registrant database

  • Communication: emailing, text/SMS

  • Adding additional users to an account

  • Reporting: report types, filtering, saving, downloading 

  • Check-ins on myTRS 


Site testing is provided to clients once site building has been completed. Before opening registration, account reps. can assist with testing your site set-up on the front and back-end to ensure it looks how you envision it should.

Our team offers this to the maximize success and minimize potential errors prior to registration opening. Site testing is popular for new-time clients who have less experience working within myTRS and want an added boost of confidence!

Site testing often includes:

  • Payment testing

  • Background check integration success

  • User-friendly recommendations

  • Links, email settings, wording, waivers, etc.


Assistance from an account rep. may depend on the event, point in timeline, and or specific needs and questions when working within myTRS. Account reps serve a diverse client pool, and specifically work to support, help, and guide each client to be successful.

Communication with reps is the guaranteed way to ensure you have all the answers and tools you need, and that you can accomplish it all efficiently and with full confidence. 

Your questions, dilemmas, and concerns serve as our opportunity to show you the possibilities within myTRS. We welcome your challenges. 


We go beyond training calls, emails, and technical integrations by offering on-site support at your request, to ensure your volunteers, staff, and team are fully supported and confident to work within myTRS at events and conferences. 

On-site support includes large-scale trainings, one-on-one assistance, and on-hand support to ensure check-ins, reporting, and use within myTRS is completed confidently, and efficiently.