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The onboarding process involves training and conversation to inform, guide, and understand each client's unique needs to maximize success.

Training is critical for new clients and primary admins, but it may be useful for those fulfilling a specific role or duty within the account. 

Training may address:

  • Admin dashboard navigation

  • Site building, features, settings

  • Integration options, payment set-up

  • User Accounts, Registrant database

  • Admins: access levels, granting access

  • Reports: types, filters, saving, exporting

  • Communication: Email, text/SMS

  • Check-Ins and check-outs

Site Testing

Site testing is provided at client request. This support is highly recommended for new clients or primary users to minimize potential errors and boost client confidence. The goal is to maximize success and establish resolutions prior to issues becoming real problems.

This process occurs once a site build has concluded, and before registration opens. An Account Rep will review the site editor, complete test registrations, and provide follow-up, recommendations, and or solutions once review has concluded.

Testing may address or review:

  • Registration, Activities set-up

  • Access Codes, Visibility, Rules,

  • Payment, Communication settings

  • Background Check, Integration pairing

  • Waivers, Terms, Custom Fields, Rules

  • Wording, images, links


Account reps serve to provide support, solutions, and guidance. Communication with reps can help you reach simpler solutions, resolve urgent dilemmas, and get the answers needed to finish the job.  

Communication with reps is always recommended and provides us an opportunity to show you the possibilities of using myTRS. We welcome your challenges and want to provide solutions.


On-site training and support services are offered at client request to ensure volunteers, staff, and/or team leads are fully supported with confidence to utilize myTRS during events and conferences. 

This service includes large-scale trainings and one-on-one assistance for reporting, check-ins, and registrant assistance. Observation and guidance during the event is provided to ensure problems are solved efficiently and confidently.  

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