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Important TRS + Betterflye Updates

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

While Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, TRS + Betterflye are playing matchmaker with new product additions, a new alliance and new staff to support our clients! 1. New Product: Betterflye

In 2021, Betterflye is bringing new features to our TRS clients with ...

volunteer gamification

volunteer and donation impact tracking

volunteer rewards programs

volunteer social forum and much more

These functions will help you and your volunteer community engage in this difficult period and beyond. Budgets are tight but TRS renewals include a complimentary Betterflye package. Curious? See the attached Betterflye + TRS integration sheet for a product overview. Please schedule a one-on-one demo with a simple email to or 2. Betterflye + TRS = New Alliance

Betterflye is owned and managed by Virginie McNamar, our talented TRS Product Director. Exciting to watch Virginie and the tech team build, test and grow the new product which will bring value to our clients by integrating these two complementary products. What does this mean? Virginie is leaving her day-to-day TRS role. She will refocus product management energies on Betterflye, TRS integration and work with rare disease software. We are excited for continued partnership with Virginie and energized about the opportunity to grow our collective products. 3. Welcoming New TRS + Betterflye Staff: Marcie LaPehn

Thrilled to announce a long time TRS client, Marcie LaPehn is joining the TRS + Betterflye team starting today. Does she have the experience? Large events, major corporations, DMO and CVA! Marcie knows the realities you face right now and is committed to quality customer support. Email Marcie at to say hello and for customer support needs.

We are excited to share our expanded product offerings. Questions? Please reach out to us!

Best Regards,

Florence L. May Virginie McNamar

President President

The Registration System Betterflye

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