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Grow a Community Based Volunteer Partnership in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Get started. Partner with other organizations in your immediate geographic area. Start with a smaller group of 10-15 diverse organizations who wish to have a positive impact on your community. You may wish to kick-off with a mini volunteer management workshop sponsored by your community bank or community foundation to explore many of the volunteer research and trends discussed above. Note: TRS offers these workshops at a low fee but there are also other companies who can assist you.

  2. Set cooperative goals. Recruiting volunteers who want to make a positive impact either through specific interests or broadly to make the community where they live/work a better place? There is substantial national growth in ‘Volunteer in Your Community” programs to build awareness of volunteer opportunities for the general public while also engaging youth, corporations and newcomers to your community. This is also a great way to create civic pride while addressing pressing needs and growing support for community wide activities.

  3. Build a community volunteer recruiting and registration website portal. Help volunteers find multiple opportunities with multiple organizations within the community. With a single click all community partners are promoting a large offering of volunteer options in a single website. This approach increases the visibility of all partner’s volunteer opportunities and allows everyone to leverage scarce recruiting resources. It is easier to build ongoing partnerships with schools, universities and corporate partners since there is a larger offering of opportunities in one central place. This approach also increases your opportunity to reach people who otherwise wouldn’t hear of your event/organization.

“Expand your horizon. Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone.” – April Peerless

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