myTRS is our software system that thinks like event planners, and equips you with all the tools and features you need to make event management possible, and simple. Whether your event is big or small, or you're planning for hundreds, or thousands, of registrants, we have you covered. Your problems, our custom solutions. 

We allow you to build and customize websites specific to your events, for the purpose of simplifying your registrant sign-up process, as well as consolidating all of your data and registrants in one easy-to-access place, myTRS. 

event management

From initiation and planning, to implementation and reflection, you have the power to oversee and track every aspect and phase of your event and volunteers/registrants.

We provide the framework and give you the power to utilize your myTRS admin account to meet your unique event management needs.

registrant &

May it be volunteers, vendors, sponsors, charitable groups, or participants in your event, managing your registrants has never been simpler. 


myTRS is the place for more than event planners, but also tutors, coaches, and charitable groups to utilize staff, team, or volunteers to manage those who makes events possible.

myTRS Overview.jpeg

the process 


Build & Test your Site


Open Registration

Promote your site & event


Plan Your Next Event

Clone a previous site or create a new one.


Event Prep

Track Registration Progress, Financials, & Event Capacities.


Post-Event Reflection

Utilize Reports to track attendance & event trends


On-site Event

Utilize myTRS check in & print daily schedules

ready to get things STARTED?

Use our contact or quote form to get in touch with our team for an orientation. From there, our experts can assess your needs and show you how our software can simplify your existing set-up and exceed your expectations.