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volunteer & registrant management

Whether your event requires one hundred registrants, or thousands, we accept your unique challenges and have a custom solution to fit your needs. May it be volunteers, vendors, sponsors, or participants in your event, myTRS is the place for not only event planners, but tutors, coaches, and charitable groups to utilize staff or volunteers to manage the people who makes events possible.

Our software gives you the opportunity to build and edit custom websites for multiple registrant types to apply, with the ability for you to include features such as access code protection, background checks, initialing signage, and payment receival. You are even able to communicate directly with your applicants through email and text, to give them next-steps, expectations, and keep them in-the-loop.

On top of it, within your account you have the ability to download all types of registrant, scheduling, and financial reports at any time, check-in registrants on the day-of, and keep track of all the vital information to make sure your  event runs as planned.

TRS provides all clients with the proper tools to utilize myTRS software and navigate all phases of event planning and implementation. Training is included for all clients.

TRAINING & client support

Our team facilitates around-the-clock assistance for day-to-day needs, to provide solution-based support. We seek to provide all clients with the proper tools to utilize myTRS software and navigate all phases of event planning and implementation successfully. The end goal is to equip you with the self-confidence and assurance you need to use our software for years to come. 

Training includes how-to:

  • Navigate the myTRS Admin dashboard and user panel

  • Add Staff, Volunteers, or Admins to the account, with the ability to limit access and visibility

  • Site build, edit, and customize Registrant types, activity types, activities, and time slots

  • Apply rules, wording, access codes, requirements, and much more to your site

  • Filter, organize, run, export, and save Registrant Reports, Financial Reports, Daily Reports, etc.

  • Integrate features,​ such as emailing and linking payment processors

  • Send welcome, confirmation, or custom emails through your account

  • Complete registrant/volunteer check-ins during your event, using myTRS 

   and so much more!

EVENT management

myTRS is specifically designed for all types of events, big and small, including festivals, marathons, tournaments, championships, conferences, and much more. You name it, we've done it. Bring us your unique challenges and we will customize a solution.

Our software provides the framework for you to create sites specific to your event, or even registrant pool. Within your sites, you have the power of custom site-building. This goes for all aspects of your event, such as naming and organizing registrant types, activities, timeslots, and costs. Link your payment processor, and get paid directly by your registrants with no middle-man involved (us). Need to include consents or background checks? No problem. Need to track what activities have been filled, and which need more registrants? You got it.

All the features and custom requirements you need for your event, matched with the power to run and save reports filtered to your needs, are at your finger tips. You even have the ability to clone prior sites to remove repetitive steps when site-building future events.


Don't forget that you are not alone as you navigate the stresses, and often unexpected obstacles, of managing your events. TRS staff is here to fully support and guide you through these difficulties. We ensure that you are fully catered to across the before, during, and end of an event. This includes training, maintained communication, and even on-site support during your event. Our ultimate goal is to set you up for only success. 


Beyond the software, TRS provides the framework to analyze your existing conditions, explore solutions, and provide growth strategies to see real change.

> Change Management Strategies

> Volunteer Management Strategies

Consider: What is not working? What will help you meet your goals? Are you collaborating with the appropriate partners? Do you have enough volunteers? Do you have a solid team who sees the same vision?

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